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The Etiquette Consulting Group International

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"Thank you for speaking to the LEAD Maryland Class X Fellows, in Annapolis, MD.  Your Dining and Etiquette training session was well received.

Because of the capable speakers and leaders contributing to the educational LEAD seminars, Fellows become more equipped to solve problems, identify resources, engage and educate others, and to shape public policy important to Maryland's agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities.  Feloows become confident servant leaders.

We are grateful for your service tot he LEAD Maryland Foundation.  The seminar was a great success, in a large part due to your involvement.  We look forward to working with you again in the future."

Debbie Simpkins

LEAD Maryland Foundation, Inc. 

Program Director, University of Maryland Extension

"In keeping with our mission to prepare students for graduate study, Tamlyn Franklin and Kimmoly Rice-Ogletree’s presentation of The Essentials of Dining Etiquette equipped our scholars with the “tools to impress” during the dining experience. The presentation was relevant and interactive, and students found the facilitators engaging and knowledgeable. The Honors College looks forward to incorporating the workshop into its yearly schedule as an important link to educational and professional opportunities for our students."

DeChelle L. Forbes

Coppin State University

Rector, Honors College

“I want to let you know how great I thought that your Life Skills Summer Camp was for Diamond. As you know I have been in the child welfare field for over thirty-five years. My experience includes directing day care programs and summer camps. All of my six children have attended day camps over the years. I choose your Life Skills Summer Camp this summer for my youngest daughter because it was convenient and in this economy the reasonable rates were appealing. I expected her to be well supervised because I know a little about how you supervise your own children. I got so much more than I expected and certainly more than I have paid for at other camp programs. Too often programs advertise an exciting experience for children and you get overpaid babysitting. Diamond truly learned life skills. Almost everyday she came home and shared something that she had learned. She talked about the differences between fresh, canned, and frozen vegetables. She proudly displayed the headband that she had sewn. She told us about cooking experiences. And she gave us all a new appreciation for baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning agent :)

She enjoyed the field trips, museums, bowling, visiting the World Trade Center at the harbor and I loved that you sent pictures via the cell phone. I was able to see that she was engaged in meaningful activities and that she was happy. I used your camp to motivate Diamond to get up and ready for the summer school bus on time. She never missed that bus because she wanted to go to camp after school. Every day she looked forward to being with you and her fellow campers. The six weeks that Diamond spent in your camp were wonderful for Diamond but more importantly they were wonderful for me. I knew that Diamond was not only safe but learning and growing. Again, thank you so much."

Dorothy Jones

“THANK YOU!!!! I've said it before and I do not mind saying it again. Ms. Tamlyn you and the Life Skills Summer Fun Camp has been a blessing to my daughter and I. My daughter enjoyed meeting new girls that shared the same likes and interests, various art & crafts, trips skating, to the movies, as well as eating things that I could not get her to try at home. I myself felt safe and secure knowing that she was in your care having fun and learning at the same time. Every day I picked her up she was telling me how many words she made or what the math question of the day was. Even when we got home she was cleaning up asking to help out more around the house in order to gain responsibility. I was so impressed that your program offered everything it said it would.

I remember the first day I dropped my daughter off and you told me that your goal was to show the girls that life is full of changes; it’s how you deal with that change that is important. 2010, has been our year of change and words can not express how thankful I am that we found you. You are a special person that gives their time and space unselfishly. We appreciate you!!!"