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The Etiquette Consulting Group International

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Etiquette for Athletes

ECG will go upside down to fight for our clients interests...

The Etiquette Consulting Group provides etiquette services specifically for collegiate and professional athletes, to help them smoothly transition into the professional sports domain all over the world. Many times athletes of varying levels acquire opportunities to compete in the many countries of the world. No matter the country, we provide the training that addresses the appropriate etiquette practices of that country. Be it the need for knowing offensive physical gestures and body language, the expectations at special ceremonies and events or understanding the enumerable dinning practice of the country; whatever is required from an etiquette perspective, from the indigenous people and/or the major occupants of that country, we can provide training and understanding to that end. 

The Etiquette Consulting Group also provides any needed professional athletic agent services. We help negotiate contracts and will engage teams on your behalf. We help prepare player marketing dossiers, that will include player marketing concepts, player bios, highlight and game film presentations, and more.  

The Etiquette Consulting Group can help bring you the world!

Etiquette Classes, Seminars, Workshops, and Programs for Athletes

Athletes simply want to play their sport. However, minor personal mishaps or major business mistakes can sabotage an athletic career before it begins. Etiquette training courses for the athlete are designed to prepare amateur and professional athletes for the rules of engagement on and off the court/field/course/track. These courses will increase self confidence, improve and/or develop a successful self image, and provide essential skills to succeed in business and in life.

Additionally, professional athletes are utilized in more than 150 countries across the world. It is dangerous to assume that all cultures imitate North American culture. Each country has different practices. This is why international etiquette training for the specific country or region where the athlete will travel, work, or live is critical for personal and professional success. We provide training on rules and customs of the region.

Because business is not always done in an office or a boardroom. To increase chance of success, the athlete must be prepared to handle him/herself in any situation. Etiquette training for the athlete includes:

  • Basic business etiquette
  • Surviving business meetings
  • Navigating networking events
  • Mastering dining etiquette
  • Meeting and communicating with trainers, scouts, coaches, and team executives
  • Do's and don'ts of sport interviews
  • Agent services
  • Contract negotiations
  • Public relations in the US and abroad
  • Gender-specific advice on professionalism
  • International protocol (tips for traveling, unspoken rules for visiting, eating, gifting, business entertainment, gesturing and greeting people, among other topics)
  • and more!

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Seminars, webinars, programs, classes and workshops. We bring a variety of sessions right to your community. Sessions from thirty minutes to several days, one person to large groups.

On-site training

The Etiquette Consulting Group customizes services to meet your needs. 

We promise that sessions will be fun, interactive and informative!


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